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A website with a brilliant concept that could have become great if it hadn't been overrun by a mob of losers, who spend their days trying to feel important and popular by:

1. Insulting politicians, the guy who stole their lollipop when they were 7, the post before theirs, the poster's mother and everything else on God's green earth.

"OMFG xxx sux arse!!1!1!!"

2. In the process proving that despite the concerted efforts of taxpaying citizens and the Government, the majority of the American population cannot spell.

3. Exercising their creative juices by insulting everyone else in the most innovative, intelligent manner possible. Usually something like:

"Wtf yuo r a muthafcuka n shudd suk yur dad's dick! LOLOLOL"

4. Typing bullshit. Classic examples: 50 facts about women and anything written by sony roolz.

Please, if you've ever been guilty of any of these, go to the nearest wall and smack your head against it a few times. Thereafter, help keep Urbandictionary free from the masses of retards roaming the Internet. Blam posts that are nonsensical, hateful or just plain dumb. Before clicking that send button, doublecheck that you're not making yourself sound like a complete tool. If you know anyone who does any of the above four on a regular basis, shoot them and burn up their computers. Then maybe we could turn this website back to a useful resource instead of a soapbox for mentally backward individuals.
Have a nice day ^_^
by Fooby June 08, 2004

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Ferry Corsten is one of the most widely respected DJs in the world of dance and trance music. Born in Rotterdam, Ferry has been producing full-time since 1991 but only really burst on the scene in 1999 with Out of the Blue, one of the most beautiful songs ever to grace the UK Top 20 Singles chart. To date this remains probably his greatest solo work, and I recommend everyone who hasnt heard it yet to download it immediately.

Even as his DJing colleagues change their styles and diversify into different brands of music, Ferry has largely stuck to his guns as a producer of subliminal trance and dance music. However, he never passes up a chance to showcase his stunning versatility on the turntables and his inimitable ability to sense what makes a particular track click. Besides producing his own music, Ferry has made a name for himself mixing a large number of albums and compilations, serving up piece after piece of musical heaven nearly every time. His resume includes several editions of Trance Nation, Universal Nation and his award-winning take on William Orbit's Barber's Adagio for Strings.

Ferry's pseudonyms include Moonman, Veracocha, Gouryella and System F, under which he released the legendary Out of the Blue. He co-founded Tsunami Records with Robert Smit, today one of the most influential labels in the industry.

And the point of this whole eulogy? Ferry Corsten is a genius. The world will probably never see his likes for a long time yet, and the whole universe of trance music will suffer when he finally hangs up his turntables and fades away into the night.
Ferry Corsten produces nirvana on LPs.
by Fooby August 04, 2004

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I shall now conclusively prove that Final Fantasy 6 is the worst game ever made.

1. It has the best villain, best final boss, best characters, best soundtrack, best plot, funniest dialogue, greatest scenes, best magic, best final dungeon, coolest evil emperor and best irritating wisecracking octopus of any Final Fantasy. Ever.
2. It has the worst...um...the worst...uh...
3. ....
4. Screw the hypothesis. Final Fantasy 6 IS the best game ever made. Squaresoft is God, Nobuo Uematsu should be crowned permanent king of the universe and Edgar is just dying to give Terra one from behind.
Need I say more?

Amen to that.
by Fooby July 24, 2004

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Everyone's favourite tofu-eating, squeaky-voiced, lactose-intolerant martial arts guru, Reed Tucker (in)famously appeared on the Chatterbox 109 radio show in the game Grand Theft Auto 3. He is the founder of the "Now and Zen" dojo and organic food market, he is also the author of "Karate and Digestion", a self-help book on how to combine martial arts and organic food. When not existing on a diet of nuts, berries and leafy vegetables, Reed enjoys chopping desks in half and moaning like a pansy on national radio.
"Dragon stance...HIIIYA!!"
by Fooby July 27, 2004

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1. Quite literally, to fuck in the skull. This usually means inserting one's penis into any orifice in the head (excluding the mouth), such as the nostrils, ears or a hole bashed into the back of the head with a pair of pliers. As this is not only rather painful but quite impossible in most cases, skullfucking is not a common practice in real life (unless you're talking about necrophiliacs that is). It is, however, tolerably prevalent in the world of hentai art, resulting in pictures that are more horrific than sexually arousing. My advice: don't seek out any of these pictures unless you have an uncontrollable urge to lose your lunch all over the keyboard. See also skullfuck.
2. See mindfuck.
3. Can also be used as a kind of insult.
1. I love skullfucking ^_^
2. Damn, watching Memento will give you a bloody good skullfucking.
3. Skullfucker!
by Fooby July 24, 2004

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1. One who kicks cats.
2. One who takes out his anger on other people indiscriminately.
1. Don't be a cat-kicker!
2. Don't be a cat-kicker!
by Fooby July 24, 2004

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A suffix that can be added to the end of any word in order to add kick or emphasis, i.e. cinemaland, eatland, suck-land.
I want to go to Johnnyland!
by Fooby February 26, 2004

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