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Is a rapper founded on Youtube who uploads racist rants about Jews, Niggers, Spics, and Arabs. Moonman has made many Albums such as White $upremacy and WhiteTopia. His Videos have been removed from youtube, but fans keep re-uploading his songs to keep the Moonman Belief still going.
"Moonman, Moonman Can't you see, Spics and Niggers need to hang from trees and I just love your racist way, That's why their mom is so black and you're so great." - From Notorious KKK
by michiqx September 06, 2015
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Moon Man is a character that was featured in MacDonalds (McDonalds) commercials that were promoting that McDonalds was going to stay open late. He has became a meme often associated with KKK and being very racist. This is because he is white and has a long pointy tip at the top of his head and KKK members wore robes and a hood that was white and had a long pointy tip at the top of it. He is also a nazi. In YouTube, there are lots of videos of him singing about the KKK and him killing blacks.
Moon Man hates blacks.
Moon Man wants all blacks to die.
Moon Man kills blacks.
Moon Man is in the KKK.
Moon Man sings songs about him killing and hating blacks.
by Moon Man KKK December 17, 2016
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A character used in McDonald's advertisements during the 1990s. He was eventually used in parodies in which fans turned him into a racist character.
Moon Man: Moon Man, Moon Man, can't you see, spixs and nig**** should hang from trees.
by VEXEDVAPER69420 January 09, 2017
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mix seamon with a glowstick on a girls face to make her glow
i gave that girl a moonman last week and shes still glowing
by pether August 15, 2007
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1. another name used for the trophy given at the MTV Video Music Awards.

2. astronaut
1. and the moonman for worst female video goes to: Ashlee Simpson (all the videos she had made)!!!

2. Neil Amstrong
by GilLaher January 11, 2006
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A Friendly cat-fucker who frequents

We love 'em anyway. :)
God damn it MoonMan, STOP fucking fluffy, her ass is bleeding!
by Spooner July 08, 2003
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