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Final Fantasy 6(also known as FF6, FFVI, or Final Fantasy VI) is considered to be one of the best video games ever made. It was originally released by Squaresoft for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System(SNES) in 1994, it was later re-released for the Sony Playstation(PS) in 1999 under the title Final Fantasy Anthologies. This game is computerized role playing game(RPG), based in a fantasy world. The game gathers more than a dozen characters from around the world to battle against a power hungry empire. The music is this game is legendary, and the villian Kefka is a favorite with many gamers.
FF6 was one of the most succesfull Squaresoft games.
by Joe February 26, 2005
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One of the best games in the Fantasy series. The story is fast-moving and the characters are really well-designed. The 2D graphics are done very well, unlike Final Fantsy VII, which was still good but the 3D was nasty.
Final Fantasy VI is a great game, it rivals Final Fantasy VII and the Chrono series!

("But what fun is it if no 'precious' lives are lost?" -Kefka)
by Demonic Crusader July 21, 2004
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I shall now conclusively prove that Final Fantasy 6 is the worst game ever made.

1. It has the best villain, best final boss, best characters, best soundtrack, best plot, funniest dialogue, greatest scenes, best magic, best final dungeon, coolest evil emperor and best irritating wisecracking octopus of any Final Fantasy. Ever.
2. It has the worst...uh...
3. ....
4. Screw the hypothesis. Final Fantasy 6 IS the best game ever made. Squaresoft is God, Nobuo Uematsu should be crowned permanent king of the universe and Edgar is just dying to give Terra one from behind.
by Fooby July 24, 2004
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A RPG released on the SNES that is greatly loved by one group of gamers or greatly hated by another group.

The people who love the game tend to generally have many childhood memories and are a little over zealous when talking about the game. They tend to say that it is the "best". These people also tend to bash newer games such as the extremely popular Final Fantasy 7. Which is a good game in itself. Final Fantasy 6 is a very good game and should be remembered.

The people who hate the game are the people who have to listen to the above talk about the game. They hate it because they're trying to be different. Most say things like "over-rated". What many of these fail to see are the trends set by the game that are prevelant in many newer games. So though it is a very good game Final Fantasy 6 may not be the best game.
Person 1(Pro Final Fantasy 6): OMG FF6 is liek the koolest game ever! Its the BEST!
Person 2(Anti Final Fantasy 6): OMG you so stoopid, its so over-rated! Play FF7 Fag.
by Bryehn October 29, 2006
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Even though this game was alot better than anything on the Sega Genesis its still not the best game ever. Its a good game but people who play it too many times are brain washed by it and refuse to ever play another game that has better graphics even if that game is vastly better. Very Strange.
Most people who played FF7 tought it was a great game but for some reason anyone who played FF6 first decided to hate it just because it had movies in it.
by Sega Slayer November 05, 2003
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The greatest game of all time! It has the best storyline and soundtrack out of all the Final Fantasies. It is also known as Final Fantasy 3 on the SNES. It was later released on the sony playstation in 1999 as "Final Fantasy Anthology".

It included FFV and FFVI plus a bonus music CD from both soundtracks. It had new FMV movies and extras that made it better the SNES version! But the loading times were the only downfall! But since it's such a kick ass game, you won't care!
Locke is the best character in this game! He's just so damn cool!
by Vinstigator March 20, 2004
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