Nobuo Uematsu, who has been working at Square (SquareEnix) for nearly twenty years, is the composer behind the music from Final Fantasies 1 - 9. He also composed parts of the Saga series soundtrack, some of the Chrono Trigger music (though Yasunori Mitsuda did most of it), and a couple of the tracks in FFX.

He now has his own band, the Black Mages, who perform rock arrangements of Uematsu's music. Also, and various videogame remix projects have done arrangements of his work.

Nobuo Uematsu plans to retire from Squeenix this year, but he will always be widely regarded as one of the best videogame music composers.
Nobuo Uematsu is the veteran composer at Squeenix.
by Dark Paladin November 7, 2004
A japanese composer, who used to work as a composer of jingles at a small radio-station, fuji radio. A friend of his asked him if he'ld like to work for him, his friend was the owner of Square, creator of final fantasy. So, Nobuo made music for the First ever FF. He's also worked for nintendo, and for Oh! My goddess the movie. His greatest peices have been re-mixed many many times and kick ass. He now owns a band called the black mages with a few friends of his. He also does a loaaaaaaad of concerts, all over the world which get sold out. He is teh grand daddy of music.
Final Fantasy the black mages owns you many times over. The song, "Prelude" from FF1 still owns even though it's so old. Age dosn't matter, Nobuo's still as good as ever.
by Codge April 20, 2004
The legendary being behind the musical score of the Final Fantasy games, such as Final Fantasy 6 or Final Fantasy X.

Do you accept Nobuo Uematsu as your personal lord and saviour?
Nobuo Uematsu's going to do the musical score for Final Fantasy XIII! It's gonna be awesome!
by shavedGERBIL February 23, 2003
No you fool... He did the FFX music...
Zanarkand... Best song written by Nobuo Uematsu, in FFX
by Shortyafter October 24, 2003