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When you make someone believe you're their friend or ally only to betray them.
Guy 1: "I just setup that new guy down the block."

Guy 2: "Really, how?"

Guy 1: "I told him there was a girl who wanted to meet him, I led him to a dark alley and robbed him, I Tom Riddle'd his ass.
by FlyingWeasel June 19, 2021
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Experienced gamer: "Man, I got paired up with the worst team ever in Smite last night". "They were so trash they should go build a shrine and worship Anoobis".
by FlyingWeasel February 25, 2021
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A noob who plays Pokemon but uses nothing but legendaries during PVP battles. You can easily spot one of these noobs because they're the only amateurs who use legendaries during PVP battles. They also tend to use hacked shiny legendaries at an attempt to look "cool" or "badass" during battles.
Dude: "Time to relax and get a few matches in". "Let's see what sort of battle we can find". "Oh cool I found a match, I can't to see what type of Pokemon team this player has".

Noob: *Sends out shiny Reshiram

Dude: "Damn it, another Pokemon sweat with their hacked trash". "I'm not even going to waste my time with this noob". *leaves match
by FlyingWeasel August 28, 2020
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A talentless Asian who plays Fortnite in a desperate attempt to gain fame and recognition.
Asian: "Bing bong chi chong!"

Dude: "Sorry, I don't speak Pokimane."
by FlyingWeasel August 26, 2020
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A person who sucks ass at playing video games. This type of gamer has zero skills and usually has "D3ViLGUy666X420x" as a gamertag. Dogshit gamers are also sweaty players who try unnecessarily hard to win a game as if there were real money on the line.
Dogshit gamer: 0h Mi gOd iM So PrO MaH tEaM SuKz I bEsT oNe wE lOsT CuZ mAh TeAm NoObz PlZ RepOrT UnINsTaLl gAMe

Real Gamer: We lost because you're a dogshit gamer kid.
by FlyingWeasel May 04, 2021
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