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The appropriate verbal response after bitch slapping a chick who hit you first.
guy - the thing is, we don't want to talk with you.

bitch - why don't you go and fuck off then?!

guy - you go.

bitch - *slaps guy*

guy - *slaps bitch harder*

by Flipyoutoo September 20, 2008

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Best town in Long Island, New York, and perhaps all of America. It has more bars/clubs per square mile than anywhere else in New York State, as well as beaches, good public/private schools, clean tap water, restaurants for all food types, harbors/marinas, gyms, malls, etc. Also has nearly every fast food joint and car dealership one could want.
Huntington is the shit!
by Flipyoutoo July 30, 2008

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the act of throwing someone over your hips in dramatic and flashy fashion onto their face or head. judging by joe rogan's expert MMA commentary, actual proper names of the techniques are irrelevant, so long as the opponent's legs fly through the air like an unintentional cartwheel.
"holy shit dude, did you see that judo throw? i think that nigga's dead."

"he had an awesome judo throw defense technique; he broke his fall with his face, then laid there unconscious."
by flipyoutoo September 05, 2007

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a shield is a badge you fucking nerds. though the only real shields are carried by cops and their superiors (sgt, lt, etc), all sorts of random civil servants have shields too.
it's a goddamn shield... if you need an example for this you are fucking retarded.
by flipyoutoo February 15, 2008

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what cops say you did wrong when they lock you up for no reason*

*in reality, dis con (short for disorderly conduct) is (in just about every state) a penal law criminal violation which can be used to legally arrest someone.
sub-sections of dis con include:
threatening/violent behavior, profane/offensive language, obstructing traffic, failure to disperse, and more (depending on what state you live in)
by Flipyoutoo July 21, 2008

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a shield. the term "tin" is typically reserved for when it's presented to a civilian for any variety of reasons.
sean - how did you get that chick's friends to let her go home with you?
flip - it was nothing, i just pulled a couple aside and tinned them, told them their friend was in good hands.
sean - you fucked her in the ass, didn't you?
flip - raw.

ed - alright, who's turn is it to tin the doorman?
ryan - i'd rather just stand in line and pay the door fee like everyone else.
entire group - ...
ed - alright it's settled, ryan go tin that motherfucker so we can get inside already.
by flipyoutoo February 15, 2008

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When persons pretend to be friends on a regular basis so often that they actually develop a small friendship, even though they can't stand eachother. People will do this for any number of reasons, though commonly it is done to avoid drama or an ass kicking.
Chris - Dude, Abe is such a herb, you're friends with that guy?
James - Meh, it's more of a forced friendship, he's always down to be the designated driver.
Chris - What a tool!
by Flipyoutoo July 10, 2007

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