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a race of indo-aryans originating from northern india, who have migrated to the island nation of sri lanka. sri lanka is the only country known to have their language, sinhala as an official language, in which they have developed their own pop culture of music, movies, and television shows. Most of the population inhabit the southern parts of sri lanka and the eastern parts as the northern and western parts are inhabited by the largest minority group on the island, the tamils. sinhalese people range from deep dark tones to light brown tones of skin colour. they compromise the largest ethnic group on the island of sri lanka.
what is your ethnicity?

i am sinhalese.
by Matrix-Fan May 21, 2011
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A proud nation consisting of Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and other nationalities. Who should work together for the betterment of there mother land....but sadly everyone can see with the above definitions. oh well thats Sri Lankan........sad isnt it???

Sad cause I am Sri Lankan my self and very ashamed of most of the people in my country......
Cant give an example its too sad the sinhalese
by True Lankan September 21, 2007
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