22 definitions by FeZ

He is a black man that plays very good football.
Berrige shouts-"BERRRRRRIIIIIGE"
by FeZ October 13, 2004
This is a type of cookie that tastes scrumches,
"Gimme a few moreof those brownys they are phat"
by FeZ October 13, 2004
He's so po, he can't even afford the last two letters on the word poor!
by FeZ May 30, 2003
(noun) short for Subaru Impreza WRX which is short for Subaru Impreza World Rally Experimental, which is a car made bu Fuji Heavy Industries in Japan.
MY 2004 WRX will eat your ugly riced out piece of crap civic.
by FeZ October 28, 2003
Big tits that look like pine cones (pyramid shape), Aiman and Joshking have these
Aiman-"Feel my Coneys"
Joshking-"I will, if u feel my coneys"
by FeZ October 13, 2004
1-A sound that a bomb makes when it explodes
2-A word that Tim westwood likes to repeat
3-The back beat of a hardhouse track
2-"Dam this joint is hot yea, exactly!Lean back Lets drop a bomb on this joint !BOOOM! LEAN BACK!"
3-"Boom, Boom, Boom and a Boom"
by FeZ October 14, 2004
Big Cone shaped tits (pyramid spiked),Aiman and Josh king have them.
Aiman-"Want to feel my Coneys?"
Joshking-"Please i would really like that"
by FeZ October 13, 2004