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1. (noun) An exceptionally noticeable facial feature distinguished by unusual layering of flesh and bone in the human face. Culminating in a small but distinctive mass at the point of the mandible, the mini chini is rumoured to have a mildly hypnotic effect. It is perhaps made most famous by the Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd.
Wow, what an interesting speech.
What? I didn’t hear a word, I was too distracted by that remarkable mini chini!
by Fauxmosexual February 08, 2009
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1. (noun) The colloquial name associated with NSW Transit Authority - Rail Corporation, formally know as City Rail.

2.(noun) An unreliable means of transportation. Travel is generally thought to be by rail but can be changed without notice. Travel can also be suspended without notice. Commuters are also subjected to the whims of the mood of the day of the current guard/announcer. Drivers stop at designated stations if they feel like it. Air conditioning? What air conditioning.
Announcer: We appear to be having technical difficulties. This service will be delayed. We appreciate you patience in this matter.
Commuter: Just another pleasant hold-up proudly brought to you by Shity Rail.
by Fauxmosexual February 11, 2009
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(noun) euphemism for a small amount of flatulence
Oh, gross... whats that smell!?

Calm down... it was just a little poo puff
by Fauxmosexual February 22, 2009
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(noun) the name accounted a person who only smokes cigarettes while consuming alcohol.
Wow, I didn't know you smoked!

Yeah... only when I drink though.

Hmm... classic example of a tobaccoholic.
by Fauxmosexual February 17, 2009
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