Sn4ke just eated eleventeen durp la lurps.

by Sn4ke May 19, 2007
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1 - serious, in text shorthand.

2 - air bag, as in a car
1 - I love honda accords, I'm srs

2 - My 2011 Honda Accord's steering wheel says "SRS Airbag". That could save my life.
by hoyclan January 30, 2014
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Simple Random Sample. A statistical technique that selects a sample group from the population by means of random chance, such that no member of the population is more likely to be chosen than any other.
John wanted to determine the distribution of SAT test scores among his fellow students, but he could not reasonably collect data from every student. Therefore, he performed a simple random sample (SRS) by numbering every student in the school, using a random number generator, and selecting the students that corresponded to the first 25 numbers generated as his sample.
by uggen April 9, 2009
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Shortened word "serious" or "seriously"
Dude#1: The banana just turned pink!!
Dude#2: Are you srs?!?!
by IAmACutter.tumblr April 22, 2011
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The word "serious" for the seriously serious & busy texter/emailer/messenger
"Hey Flo, guess what? I got engaged!"

"Wow, r u srs?"

"Yeah! You don't sound happy...?"

"No I am, just busy here, congrats, ttyl"
by Anonymous Red Pen December 28, 2011
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