symbols that are put at the begining or the end of a sentence to clarify the intention of the message. some examples are: /j (joking), /srs (being serious), s/ (sarcasm)
why do you use tone indicators? /gen (genuine question)
tone indicators help, for example, neurodivergent people. the use of tone indicators makes it easier for them to interpret the tone of a text and avoid miscommunication
by iari96 October 08, 2020
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Tone indicators are used at the end of sentences to show the writers true intent. They are very helpful to neurodivergent people.

Some tone indicators are

/srs = Serious
/j = Joking
/hj = Half joking
/s = sarcastic

/r = Romantic
/p = Platonic
/g or gen = genuine
You're so stupid I hate you /j
I love you /p
You're so cool /s
With out tone indicators, these could have very different meanings /srs
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Slashes followed by any combination of letters that end a sentence, paragraph, or overall message.

The purpose is to let the reader know what the implied tone of the previous text is.

Common tone indicators include: /j (joking) , /s (sarcasm) , and /srs (serious). There are multiple lists online that include various tone indicators and their meanings.
A: Hey, would you mind using tone indicators when we text?

B: Anything for you, dummy. /J
by yovishi December 26, 2020
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Something that alot of people find useful, but is not at all.
Person 1: lol i hate noobs
Person 2: you forgot to use /j, remember tone indicators bro
Person 1: Nah man, those are lame.
by ATotallyOriginalAndFunnyUserna November 30, 2020
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