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A phrase that is said by and ABSOLUTE FUCKING MORON who probably has no life by now.
Retard: Hey miss! You forgot the homework!
by FakeBoomerLOL November 9, 2020
person one: h
person two: h
person three: h

person four: h
person five: h
person six: h
person seven: h
person eight: h
person nine: h
person ten: h
by FakeBoomerLOL November 4, 2020
A place you go to when you find a bug in a video game and use it to YOUR advantage. Dont do that. Or you will be sent there.
Person one: ooh i found a bug in a really great game! im not going to tell anyone about it.

Person two: Why is *person one* flying? and HOW???
Person one: im flying because of a bug! im not telling you how it works since i want this all to myself.
Person two: Ah Booey!
Person three: You must go to the mega gay zone!
Person one: *gets banned from the game*
Person one in real life: Thats no fair
by FakeBoomerLOL November 6, 2020
An online expression, said by 12 year old Millennials on online discord, skype, messages, and worst of all, twitch.
Hey dude look at this cool upgrade i got!
WOOAHH thats pretty "pog" dude.
by FakeBoomerLOL November 4, 2020
A state full of extremely religious people. Ive learned that the hard way since my parents live in utah.
My parents in Utah wont let me drink any caffeinated drinks or soda and they wont let me do drugs! What is wrong with these people!? Not drinking caffeinated drinks is okay but DRUGS??!?! Why drugs??? They are good!
by FakeBoomerLOL November 9, 2020
Something some bullshit flamingo fans like to say at any time being, just to annoy people like flamingo annoys me.
Those 12 year olds need to grow up.
Hey man i have a question.
Yeah sure what is it?
Get noob
by FakeBoomerLOL November 10, 2020
A shop of overpriced bullshit that plays songs through the shop radio that gets stuck in your head. A very bad place.

Another word for Old Navy can be, Stupid.
Old Navy's lines are so damn long even my penis cant compare to them.
Person one: I love old navy! its such a great place! all the stuff there is a really good price!
Person two: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! *slaps person one*
by FakeBoomerLOL November 9, 2020