A term that roblox players use to insult another user or another way of saying I won not you XD loser
by Am big roux June 19, 2019
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What fans of a Roblox YouTuber called Flamingo say after absolutely destroying you.
Dehlilah: Get noob
Maui: *crying noises*
by aRandomNoob7 November 15, 2020
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The definition of "get noob" means that someone is dominating over someone and insulting the same person.
Or it could be just someone who said in revenge.
its mostly used in Roblox.Rarely in other games.
If you dont know what a noob is it's someone new in a game ,but noob is more insulting then saying new player ,so it's quite offensive.
Random player *gets murdered*
the other player: get noob

or it can be used like this
Haha NOOB you died

the player he killed:*gets revenge*
also him:GET NOOB
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epik meme word, mostly used by the roblox youtuber flamingo
Flamingo : Kills a Roblox Guest
Flamingo : GET NOOB
by iSmAyonNaIsEaNInStrUmEnT? March 22, 2020
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A 'Get Noob' Is classified when a new player to whatever game (specifically Roblox) dies or gets murdered in cold blood by the player who is doing the 'Get Noob'. The player then says 'Get Noob' and runs away very mysteriously.
person 1 : su tart
flamingo : kills
person 1 : ono
flamingo : get noob
by drunk danny devito June 21, 2019
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a word when you make fun of someone on roblox or in real life the word was first used in gamer egypt when someone was getting mummyfide they would say get anoobis making fun of anubis
haha u have no robux get noobed
by spaz bat October 9, 2019
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