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A heart. Simply a heart.
I <3 YOU! Love, friendship, gayness.
by FBI February 06, 2005
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A homeless person endowed with certain magical abilities. Can potentially cause similar effects as: viagra, heroin, or a hole in your contraceptive.

Often seen in the erotic section at Border's, or in the cosmetics aisle at your local WalMart. Approach with extreme caution.
There is a MagicHobo in my closet!
by FBI March 19, 2004
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Originaly, Chefcoop is an english idiot. Someone like Chefcoop likes to make pitiful faces because he alway gets pwned by good Newgrounds users.
Chefcoop suckz0r LMFAO!! Let's flame him and his brittish friends!
by FBI January 12, 2005
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BareNakedMike is a Newgrounds BBS user. He likes to ask people to do things for him.
someone put somthing for me please?
by FBI February 06, 2005
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Luna is a girl on Newgrounds. She lives in Belgium. Someone like Luna is someone that likes to get drunk or to smoke.
"Heh, I feel like Luna this morning..."
"Hey, shut your light, son!" "But dad! Luna can spend all her nights on the internet! Why not me?" "Because you aren't Luna, Erbert. Shut your lights, and sleep."
by FBI February 07, 2005
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