34 definitions by Exor

Robotnik's pet robotic bird.
As Cluck was pet by it's master, it's eyes focused upon the grim look his master had looking upon the land below them, as if... he owned it.
by Exor January 16, 2004
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The final battle between James Bond 007 and his psychotic nemesis Max Zorin took place on it's girders.
Witnessing all of his brilliantly laid-out plans go up in flames and his revenge plot backfiring, Max Zorin grabbed an axe, jumped from his immobilized blimp unto the Golden Gate girders, and charged the one man that ruined everything.
by Exor May 24, 2004
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An idiotic version of Ivo Robotnik from another dimension.
Eggman is a moron.
by Exor October 30, 2003
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A pathetic teenage rabble rouser who needs to be eliminated in order to preserve Lord Robotnik's new world order.
"Sonic, isn't that the name of Sir Charles nephew!?"
by Exor October 29, 2003
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One who mindlessly follows Nintendo. See intellectual
I am a nintendrone.
by Exor November 24, 2003
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The scum and filth of the universe! The rebel insurgancy must be eliminated!
Die rebel scum!
by Exor January 12, 2004
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