A reference to the early Saturday morning TV show that aired between 1993 and 1995 starring a team of Freedom Fighters attempting to liberate their war torn planet from the clutches of the dicator, Warlord Ivo Robotnik and his angsty nephew, Snively.

This show is considered to top all subsequent Sonic the Hedgehog TV shows due to its excellent plot line and extremely credited voice cast. Many Wapanese followers of the Sonic fandom reject it due to its non-Japanese origin and serious storyline, not to mention the orignality prevalent in the animation style, a detail absent in most contemporary cartoons. Sadly, the show was canceled due to a change in leadership at ABC and being stacked up against the lackluster Power Rangers in the same time block.
Normal Person: Hey, did you hear they released one DVD of Sonic Satam out for sale?
Wapanese Kid: Zomg!! Satam is teh suk! Sonic X roxxorz!!!
Normal Person: What makes Sonic X so much better than Satam?
Wapanese Kid: I... uhh... AARRGH!!! *explodes*
by The Observer October 15, 2005
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the old Sonic the Hedgehog show. Used to be shown on Saturday morinings, hence SatAM. Hard to find off the net.
Find any SatAM eps?
by Hanami October 11, 2003
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SatAM has an evil dictator. SegaSonic/Sonic X has a goofy and mentally retarded boob named Eggman prancing around in his Egg-O-Matic going "HOHOHO! You can never rebut my pathetic plan a two year old could counter!
by Exor November 20, 2003
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he best of the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon series, which featured good actors and a great plot. Was killed off by the Power Rangers show in 1995, and ruined by the furry community which polluted the Internet with cliched homosexual fanfics filled with spelling/grammar errors, and poorly-drawn MS-Paint/crayon porn pics showing the SatAm characters engaging in gay anal sex orgies.

May the furries and the Power Rangers fans burn in Hell.

Now the Sonic cartoon series is being continued with a Wapanese otaku masturbation-fest called Sonic X.
And it sucks royal ass.
The SatAM series was canned halfway before it was completed. Damn those Power Rangers faggots!
by Segata's Ghost June 28, 2004
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Overrated Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon.
It was a good series, with an interesting plotline and some well thought out characters, but it was hardly anything that could be considered 'Sonic', as the only relevence the show had to the popular Sega character was Sonic himself. Nothing else related to original games or characters at all, and the fact that Tails was basically a defenceless kid who barely made any appearences was painful.

Sonic X episode 1 > SATAM
Sonic Fan ein: SATAM ish better than Sonic X!
Sonic Fan Zwei: I guess, if you're looking for a series that completly throws anything relating to the character out the window.
by Wait...what? June 10, 2005
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Saturday morning cartoon based on the Sonic the Hedgehog videogame franchise. It debuted in 1993, and was a cancelled a year later. While it starred SEGA's mascot, it was nothing like the games which it was based on, adding a bunch of new characters like Princess Sally and Bunnie Rabbot. Retarded furries immediately jizzed their pants over the show.

It spawned an idiotic fanbase of basement-dwelling losers in their 30s who constantly whine about how the show didn't deserve to be cancelled and to this day, believe that it will one day be renewed, despite the fact that it was cancelled IN 1994, and absolutely NONE of the characters from SatAM have ever appeared in a Sonic game.

Its retarded fanbase often proclaims that the series is 'dark' and features 'intelligent writing' The pilot episode alone features Sonic using annoying buzzwords like 'mondo' and 'totally' in almost every sentence. He even breaks out an electric guitar and begins to wail on it for no apparent reason.
Sonic the Hedgehog SatAM
by HomocidalTomato October 06, 2010
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