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A new fraternity brother/sorority sister that has not yet paid there dues.
Until you've paid your dues bitch, we're allowed to haze you now!!!!!!
by Ex March 23, 2005
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reno likes men and he finds them hot and saucy hes plays mohaa loads and likes men
he is gay. he likes men. hes likes men. he likes men.
by Ex February 21, 2005
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An egotistical chronic shit-talking UT player who can only crouch and snipe, and do stand still combos.
Haha, you pulled a Rutzy!
by Ex August 05, 2004
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When you like girls, but will only have sexual intercourse caleb who identifies as a male.
I mostly eat out girls, but I identify as calebsexual because he’s the only male I’d do sexual activities with.
by Ex February 21, 2019
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A goth who wears ligher and brighter colors such as blues, greens, greys. Most glam goths are females. They still have their gothic aspects about them, but they are toned down in a way in their darkness...
My friend is a glam goth, she wore a pair of black converse, blue jean levi's, and a green shirt.
by Ex September 15, 2003
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just relaxing, chilling, listening to some mellow music
may or may not be stoned
Ya I heard your chill play-list , makes me wanna turn my cap backwards, smoke a lil, and vibe-out to it.
by Ex March 12, 2020
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