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quiet litteraly the best 1st person shooter in history
by jake coles March 16, 2003
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Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
::See MOH
I roxor in mohaa? r u still playing that old Quake III shizzah
by PythonSpam October 23, 2003
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A 1st person shooter which requires more skill to play than any other FPS.

For one, the crosshair is static and does not open, even when you run or shoot. Therefore, players are capable of aiming/shooting while falling from a ledge and leaning simultaneously, and still hit a player with a single shot on the other side of the map. Games in which the crosshair opens usually requires players to stop before aiming or shooting. If a person did this while playing MOHAA, they would be branded a noob and laughed out of the server.

Second, the so-called "bunny hop" which has plagued other games such as CS is nonexistant in MOHAA. When a player jumps, there is a moment when their body is suspended in air, even if it may be a tenth of a second. During this time, that player becomes an easy target for his opponents.

Third, since there is no "bunny hop" in MOHAA, there is "dancing". THIS, however, actually takes *skill*, unlike bunny-hopping in which a player only needs to repeatedly tap the space bar. It involves leaning (by default the C and Z keys) while running and moving the mouse continually in different directions to avoid keeping your head or upper body in one place. However, simply hitting all the buttons on your keyboard won't save your sorry ass. In match or scrimmage situations, this type of shit does not fly. It is mostly used in sniper only servers where the players suck too much to make a kill with their first shot.

Similarly, there is the ability to lean either left or right. This can be done while running, and any half decent player is ALWAYS leaning while running. The reason is so that when an opponent comes out from a doorway or hall, by leaning your upperbody you can shoot at them before they can see your entire body, therefore making you less likely to be hit.

Finally, the physics of the grenades (or nades for short) are fantastic. Although the nades bounce off walls like a rubber ball would, players of this game can toss a grenade, knowing it will bounce off a wall, then another wall, off a door, down a short flight of stairs and then into a room and immediately explode. This game is one of the few with any good "nade tricks". This simply involves knowing where to place your body, aim your mouse, then let go of your grenade and know the precise location where your grenade will explode. An absolute necessity for any match.

And to the moron who posted something about ISS and 6s. being the best clans in MOHAA, you are truely an asshat. Maybe you should take 5 seconds and go look up the top 3 clans on any respectable ladder such as (formerly) OGL or TWL. Now THOSE are the best clans.
My MOHAA clan ownt your MOHAA clan.
by Not A Noob August 31, 2006
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Medal of honor: Allied Assault

Think about it, this game requires more skill than any other game really, leaning, walking, aim, it has it all, exictment, it owns tbh.

Top clans in mohaa as of 1st March 2005 are:

ISS - International Sheep^Shaggers
6s. - Sixth Sense^
sB - .sexeh-Biatches^
I might ask ISS for trial O.o
by 69 March 01, 2005
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Full name is Medal of Honour: Allied Assault. While lacking somewhat in the single player campaign mode, the awesome multiplayer more than compensates for it. Back when there weren't l337 idiots, sharkers, and bad-mouthers that can't get over the fact that they suck without an aimbot. I used to play this game all the time. I was even in a clan that was in the ogl and the like.(if you are a noob you probably don't know what i'm talking about.) Like i said earlier, the multplayer servers are overrun with ingrates who ruin the fun element of the game. For shame. For shame...
Person 1- lets go play mohaa
Person 2- sure, sounds fun
(a few minutes later)
Loser 1-HaxXOrs L337 1 4/|\ teh M4n111!!!!!!1111111
loser 2-fuck you asshole fuck you asshole fuck you asshole....
Loser 3- Ha ha! i shot you through a wall and killed you! my aimbot is disguised as a character texture models pack in my cosole, so you can't see it.
Person 1- ugh, this is horrible.
Person 2- i agree. lets go find a game untainted by these losers.
Person 1- like DoD*?
Person 2- yes, or even CoD**.

*Day of Defeat
**Call of Duty

Both are awesome WW2 games.
by You know who i am. January 16, 2004
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Mohaa is the new word from the Loughborough area. It means 'cool' or 'phat'. It is a very multi-purpose word. The opposite is Amohaa.
Wow, that game was so Mohaa!

That really was a Mohaa day!
by Chronby Featopher June 01, 2004
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