34 definition by Evil Tim

yelled when sumthing good heapens
Fujiko: Lupin I love you. Come here and kiss me you hairy man-child!
Lupin: HOORJ!
by Evil Tim August 01, 2003

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Name you call somebody you luv
Hayato Kanzaki is RatchetBoo's pukipu. She love him long time
by Evil Tim September 18, 2003

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best street fighter chara ever!!!!!!!
Ryu owns trodgor
by Evil Tim August 15, 2003

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Not to be confused with Gomamon (which is a digimon); he would probably be the one to complain the most if he saw Lupin and Fujiko doing the nasty...
L: Who's your daddy, girl?
F: Oh, you are!
G: Would you two at least wait until I got out of bed to do that?! *gets up* Disgust rises from within me...
F: You just had to do here...'Ah, Fuji-cakes, he won't even notice because he's a heavy sleeper...' yeah right!
L: At least he didn't notice the...you-know....
by Evil Tim July 31, 2003

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Journey taken by a crackhead when he/she looks for a reefer
by Evil Tim September 09, 2003

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The feeling of pooing in peace
by Evil Tim October 13, 2003

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Actually, a spadge is a short, chubby dyke
Rosie O'Donnel
by Evil Tim August 04, 2003

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