The flow of life, the order of the universe.

Tao is the concept of living, breathing, existing.

It is not, however, taking advantage of.
Poets gone Wild, Prophets all destroying the Tao.
by Koo Koo Kachu March 14, 2008
Mongolian slang for a dead bush.
Mainly used in the Bing region of Mongolia.
Mongolian 1: Hey look its tao!
Mongolian 2:Yeah!
by 46157 July 12, 2019
Usually a girl but can be a boy. Often is quite nice and funny but has their annoying dickhead side. They usually love animals and will always be there for their bf / gf
Tao is over there
The other definition of TAO is just stupid, The true meaning of TAO is someone that is so swole, sexy, awesome and smart.
Chick: OMG! His so TAO!
by TaoNOTDao April 23, 2011
Aw did you include Iam in your book?
Hym "Aw, did you include Iam in your book?"

Iam "Really? That was nice."

Hym "Doesn't detract from the thing he's doing."

Iam "I know...."

Hym "But yeah, that Tao part sounds like us."
by Hym Iam August 4, 2022
It's what you are reading right now. Even when you're not reading it.
Believe in it or not the Tao always is.
by Lao Tzu September 1, 2004
The pronunciation is wrong. tao is pronounced dao.

"The way", "The Path", "The Flow" are some ways to describe what tao means. It originates from a religion/philosophy/spirituality called Taoism. The exact meaning of tao is untranslatable. Tao basically means everything. The tao is like a flow that is everywhere. People moving around, nature doing whatever it does, things like that are examples of tao. It's pretty hard to fully describe it.
I tried my best to describe tao, but it's too damn complicated.
by Seenus September 17, 2003