23 definitions by Epictailz

A yellow curved fruit
(Vulgar slang) a man'a genitals
Roommate 1: What banana are you talking about my peepee or a fruit.
Roommate 2: both you moron!
by Epictailz January 24, 2017
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A name of a person who is both a boy and a girl
Hey what's your name ?
Penis McPussy
So you're a boy and girl?!
by Epictailz January 28, 2017
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Used to express A catastrophically mishandled situation
dude someone let Harley Quinn out of jail! What a clusterf***
by Epictailz January 26, 2017
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A red electrical conductor in machines or traps in the game minecraft
by Epictailz January 25, 2017
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What you say to someone after someone say something stupid directed at you.
by Epictailz June 4, 2020
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