23 definitions by Epictailz

1. ( derogatory ) a ugly stalker
2 a green creature in minecraft explodes when you get too close to it
Hey ur a creeper!
I got friggen killed by a creeper
by Epictailz March 1, 2017
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Used as a creepy way to greet kids if your a hobo or creep
(Hobo) hi kids!!!
(Kids) mommy!!!
(Hobo) I like where this is going hehe
by Epictailz January 24, 2017
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Used to creep out kids with a greeting or lure them into a trap or something
by Epictailz January 24, 2017
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A gorilla that was killed because my mom couldn't keep track of her child.
by Epictailz January 25, 2017
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Basically running naked through a forest nuff said
hey Larry lets go forest streaking to show our freedom
by Epictailz June 6, 2017
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Spanish for I like wh*res usually to insult Dora the exploer
Hey Dora
Guess what
Mi gustan las putas
*dora slaps him*
by Epictailz January 29, 2017
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An informal term used in an episode of Sam&cat used to describe a stupid person
Hey u idiot your so lumpatious in this school go f*** yourself noob
by Epictailz January 24, 2017
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