23 definitions by Epictailz

Used as a creepy way to greet kids if your a hobo or creep
(Hobo) hi kids!!!
(Kids) mommy!!!
(Hobo) I like where this is going hehe
by Epictailz January 24, 2017
Used to creep out kids with a greeting or lure them into a trap or something
by Epictailz January 24, 2017
An informal term used in an episode of Sam&cat used to describe a stupid person
Hey u idiot your so lumpatious in this school go f*** yourself noob
by Epictailz January 24, 2017
A game that got play by making your trump head get bigger destroy all the other Donald Trump heads much like agar.io
Dude trump.io is epic much better agar.io Donald trump better not ban it or he gets rek't
by Epictailz February 2, 2017
Hey dude what weapon u have?
I have apple corer GET REKT
by Epictailz January 29, 2017
The mode when Justin Bieber is drunk usually so shaded with an upside down head stupid actions like Peeing in a bucket
by Epictailz January 26, 2017