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A flap of chubby underneath a dog's neck that flaps when you touch it or the dog moves. Can also be used as a name for a chubby dog.
My dog's chubawuffa moves when he eats.
My dog is a chubawuffa.
by EpicEric26 June 03, 2018

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Another way to say “What the hell?” Popularized by Randy “Ninja” Cunningham.
What the juice, Howard? You’re such a shoob!
by EpicEric26 July 08, 2018

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The reason Josh repeats things.
Josh: I repeat things for emphasis. EMPHASIS!
by EpicEric26 May 29, 2018

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Ghetto spelling of taxi
The gang got in the tacksi
via giphy
by EpicEric26 August 14, 2018

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To masturbate, aka to jack off, jerk off, burp the worm
Will Jack jack the slack tonight?
by EpicEric26 January 19, 2018

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A person who hides their true self behind an internet persona and is good at paper.io.
Michael is such a DavidDJC3.
by EpicEric26 January 19, 2018

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No. Just, no. It's not the shit, despite what people say. It is shit. As the residents of Rockaway say, it's a "hellhole" on the south side of New York City.
Those Rockaway scum think their hellhole is the best place on Earth. Well, they're still livin' in the SEP bubble.
by EpicEric26 August 07, 2017

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