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a sweet name for the one you love, the one you adore - your boo as opposed to the patronising baby, bubby is used only if you really love the person. :-)
by lil_ducky January 30, 2008
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A very special human being. Known for being cute/handsome and able to brighten up anyones day. You couldn't imagine life without him. He is truly special. The perfect guy for me! (You)
I have found the guy for me. I think I have found my bubbies.
by jaybuggi October 10, 2013
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A bubby is a term of affection for your one true love. Bubby likes to cuddle, kanoodle, play sports, laugh, watch sports, go out and dance, go to movies, and in general make their significant other very happy. A bubby is special because it is not a babe, baby or boo it is one specific person that is completely unique and precious in your life. The other half of a bubby is a bubster.
You are not a person you are a bubby!

Bubby I miss you!
by NickBubster May 26, 2010
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Australian accent affectation of 'baby' referring to a baby of either gender in an affectionate way.
"Awwww.... who is a cute liddle bubby then? You are! Yes you are!"
by Megapossum June 19, 2013
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A term of deepest endearment for a brother, usually younger with whom you have a strong friendship. It is not only because you both may share the same birthday, exactly 4 years apart but it is from the years of memories, laughter and unspoke love between you both. A bubby is a forever best friend and you will always have each other's backs.
Brian is the best Bubby I could ever ask for.
by bitches & hoes up to my nose February 27, 2011
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A young girl fathered by Willy Wonka (circa 2005) and mothered by an oompa loompa. Eats seaweed and dances in the evening. Likes airports.
Bob: Hey! It's Bubby

Bill: Yes. Yes it is.
by poopooface2321 November 07, 2015
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