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Stating to... The Nigger. To Dont do what his jungle bunny self was gonna do. Also stated by police when chasing a suspect.

Also referring to an unfavoured choice for a nigger. Ie Nigga Dont.
1)Nigga Dont Touch That Bike!

2)Nigga Dont Make Me Shoot You!

3) Nigga (1)"Dude I feel you seeing Tiffany while her man is out of jail is a NIGGA DONT. What if he catches you."

Nigga(2) " Nigga Dont tell me what to do!"
by EndlessEquality February 18, 2011
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A gathering of Niggers for a common cause. Usually in regards to 1)Fried Chicken

2) Colt 45 (Malt Liquor)

3) Watermelon

4) Purple Drink (Kool-Aid)

5) Corn Bread

6) Pigs Feet

To name a few things that may cause a gathering.
It may resemble a party from a far but for someone who is not a nigga could mean certain death in close proximity. They proceed to consume all resources on the list and others which have been omitted for short reference. They may also ban together to form groups to rob "Whitey" or any other which is not part of the Nigga Jihad Movement.
1) "Hey man are you going to the Nigga Jihad"
2)" Lets bring a Nigga Jihad on "Whiteys" head".
3) "Watch out man that's a Nigga Jihad up ahead. We better stay away"
by EndlessEquality February 18, 2011
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A person who is CRANKY and also a CUNT.
Ben: Did you see how Tina talked to Steve?
Karl: Yeah she was a massive crunt.
by EndlessEquality March 4, 2018
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