127 definition by Emma

cannot be bothered
I cant be arsed to think of an example
by Emma March 30, 2004

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Years ago, not last year, as you would assume from the meaning of 'yesterday'. it's much more general. Middle English, not really in use nowadays.
I think back to my golden memories of yesteryear...
by emma December 20, 2004

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An expression used during the holiday times, especially Chrismukkah, made popular by Seth Cohen on "The O.C." Combination of oy vey and bah humbug
Oy Humbug! I still have a lot of Chrismukkah shopping to do!
by Emma December 07, 2003

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...a sexy beast...
by emma July 31, 2003

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A very talented female artist, who was discovered by JJJ's Unearthed competition.
"Have you got the Missy Higgins album?"
by Emma January 09, 2005

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A place to go when there is nothing better to do.
"I'm bored, let's go Meijer-ing"
by EMMA August 13, 2004

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Rank Has Its Privileges

from Army usage
Rank Has Its Privileges
by emma June 02, 2004

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