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A person Who lives in the city of Austin, Texas and some of the close surrounding citys.
Austinite: Keep Austin weird!
guy: uh.. ok..
by Emerald October 22, 2005
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A totally drunk person who keeps saying he/she isnt drunk. The most common phrase used is
"I swear to drunk im not god!"
Guy1: Drunk damnit! Im not god!
Guy2: Shut up you drog!
by Emerald October 22, 2005
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basicly, laughing out loud. the Z is there to indicate lots of laughing (like when somethings is kinda funny and you kinda laugh a bit wait a sec and laugh some more wait a sec and laugh a bit more..)
guy1: Dude it was so grose..he just kept on farting in class! sick huh?

guy2: lolz thats grose
by Emerald April 2, 2005
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Can I used your bathroom, I need to Duece
by Emerald December 17, 2003
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A rapper that use to be part of the DTP crew. Most ppl dunno this but chingy is half chinese (his mom) dass y his eyes look chinky :P
girl:chingy is sooo hot!!
boy: he's half chinese
girl: WHAT?!?!?!
by Emerald December 12, 2004
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Wow.... WWE is a redneck sport? hehe i think u got dis shyt confused wit nascar
MR X: WWE? Ain dat a redneck sport?
MR Y: Naw u thinkin of nascar, dass a redneck sport...no physical challenges wut so eva
by Emerald June 27, 2005
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