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Anything that helps a person perform self-gratification (i.e. masturbate). These materials range from magazines to movies, but not limited to inanimate objects (i.e. the use of one's own imagination).
Playboy is the common masturbatory aid among adolescents.
by Elmer January 05, 2006

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A question used to request for one's phone number.
Some jerk: "Hi, can I please have your digits so I can call you tonight?"

Girl: "I think it's best if you gave me your digits." (in other words, "I don't wanna see or talk to you ever at all")
by Elmer April 07, 2005

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A term used to describe a girl whom you feel is the person to spend the rest of your life with. However, most men go through their entire lives not being able to meet that special girl.
"I wonder when I will finally meet Ms. Right..."
by Elmer March 23, 2005

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Any type of alcoholic drink.

Beer, Liquor, etc.
That man got into an accident because he was drunk while driving. He must have had some of that Devil's Mouthwash.
by Elmer December 08, 2005

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A kind phrase that is said to end a relationship with another person. However, that person doesn't actually intend to become friends with the person he or she is breaking up with. Another way of perceiving this phrase is: "I'll talk to you today, but I don't intend to see or talk to you ever again."
"I know we've been going out for a couple of months, but I can't see you anything more than Just a Friend."
by Elmer March 31, 2005

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A term used to describe a male that has no prospects in life whatsoever. A man who drifts through life aimlessly without any goals in mind. See: Scrub.

Popularized by John Singleton's movie of the same name, which featured Snoop Dogg and Tyrese.

Some characteristics (but not limited to) are:

1) Still lives with his mama,
2) Has no job/money,
3) Has a kid (or children) from more than one girl.
"Yo foo, did you just father another child from a different girl? Damn, youse a Baby Boy."
by Elmer April 11, 2005

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The act of taking a jizz on a woman's ass while she's still wearing her pants. The result of the man's unwillingness to wait for sex with his old lady creates a white stain on the woman's pants that is extremely difficult to get rid of.
Jerk #1 - "Yo brotha, there's a white stain on the back of your girlfriend's pants."

Jerk #2 - "I know. Last night I was so anxious to have sex with her, but I ended up giving her a cum bum instead."

Jerk #1 - "Word."
by Elmer April 09, 2005

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