verb. To repackage or rewrap a gift one receives and give it to someone else.
Elaine gave Tim a label-maker for Christmas -- and he re-gifted it to Jerry!
by Electric Santa Claus October 18, 2003
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To receive a crappy gift that you dont want or need and pass it on to someone else as a present.
Grandma gave me a horrible sweater for my birthday, so i re-gifted it to John for Christmas.
by sbrunner December 25, 2006
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To keep a collection of gifts you have received in order to send or gift them to someone else.
Mommy, it's my friend Jonny's birthday next week.
That's great honey, go to the re-gift closet and pick something out.
by LocoPingvin January 22, 2007
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when someone is such a ree-ree they re-gift to the same person they got the gift from.
Kelly:Here you go Rachel! *hands her a present*
Rachel: Uhm, thanks?

Rachel: Kelly totally gave me what I got her last year!
Tiffany: When will she learn to stop re-re-gifting?
by ollieollie27 December 18, 2010
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