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Spanish slang for a white person, like calling someone a honkey. Can also be used as a term of endearment for a Latino who has lighter skin, probably of Spanish descent. Güero is masculine, güera is feminine.
I saw a bunch of güeros in Santa Fe the other day. They were all talking about art and shit. Pinche gringos.
by El Don Diguidi February 17, 2006

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Short for "lambe culo,", a term in Spanish that means a brown noser or a sycophant. Often used by kids in school to insult students who suck up to teachers by volunteering and answering questions constantly.
Chuy, you're a lambe!
by El Don Diguidi September 02, 2009

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A puffy, hollow, fried bread made from a dough similar to dough used to make flour tortillas. Can be eaten plain, with honey, or used as an "edible spoon" (much like a tortilla). It can also be stuffed with beans, chile, meat, cheese, lettuce, etc.
I had a stuffed sopaipilla, served Christmas for lunch.
by El Don Diguidi May 11, 2009

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Spanish slang, with a literal meaning of "large butt." Nalgón is masculine, nalgona is feminine. It refers to someone who is slow moving. It is often used by drivers when stuck behind such a person.
This nalgón in front of me in the Buick is going to make me late for my date! Oh, it's just some viejito. Figures.
by El Don Diguidi September 11, 2009

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Things that male friends cannot do together; acts that are against the bro code, or that are illegal in the eyes of man law.
John: Dude, let's go get pedicures. I know a great spa.

Bob: You should know better! Pedicures are strictly brohibited.
by El Don Diguidi April 25, 2010

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