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an american, particulary a white man(spanish insult)
look at that pinche gavacho thinking he is somebody
by Pete February 09, 2004
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Refers to someone who comes from the French Basque country and were seen as "other" by the Spaniards when they arrived in Spain in the middle ages. So, as the language evolved, and the Spaniards wished to speak disparagingly of a foreigner, they might call him a Gavacho. When the indigenous people of Mexico were learning Spanish, and heard the word, they incorporated it into the language too. Though the true etymology of the word refers to a person of French heritage from the Basque region it is now commonly used to refer to any and all Anglo-Americans.
Santa Fe is being ruined by all the anglos moving in with their gavacho ways.
by gavacho_too January 01, 2005
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White American. Not to be confused with Gringo, which is usually considered derogatory, Gavacho is a friendlier way to denote White Americans. Usually any word used in conjunction with Pinche is derogatory, such as Pinche Gringo, Pinche Gavacho, Pinche Americano, Pinche loco, etc.
Eran tres Gavachos que entraron a la tienda.

There were three white guys who entered the store.
by Bruinpena May 13, 2009
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