ghet (gheț, ghetz) is widely used in the North-West of Romania and has a wide range of meanings, depending on the context.

1. ghet (verb. 'A ghețăli') = sperm

2. 'Ce ghet?' = 'What the fuck?'
Ce ghetu meu vrei? = What the fuck do you want?

3. 'Da-te-n ghet!' = 'Go fuck yourself!'

4. 'In ghetu meu' = 'God damnit', 'fucking'
In ghetu meu de masina = Fucking car
In ghetu meu, am muscat-o = God damnit, i got fucked.

5. Ghet = (being a) shit, shitty ...
Esti un ghet = You're a shit
Dinamo e un ghet de echipa = Dinamo is a crappy(ghet) team
Bob: Ce faci mai ghet? (What are you doing asshole?)
Ron: Da-te-n ghetu meu de magar. (Fuck off jackass)
Gin: Ce ghetu meu are Ron? (What the fuck is wrong with Ron?)
Bob: Îi un ghet de om. (He's a shitty person)
by Bacchus aka. Dionysus November 6, 2009
"Yo dawg he actin' like he lives in the ghet when really he's from down in the burbs'."
by Dying to live January 26, 2006
when you're at the gas station and there are ghetto people around, call them a ghet ghet so you wont get shot.
britt is such a ghet ghet in those tight ass pants
by brittallie January 22, 2004
Verb (used with an object); variations include Ghet; Ghot (past tense).

1. The action of acquire something of value in or of relationship to the ghetto.

2. Action of being from a ghetto and acquiring anything.
1. I'll be the one ghetting paid like a gangsta soon
2. Thanks for ghetting me some milk at the shop, I always forghet to ghet it when I'm there.
by Wordameister May 11, 2014
A word short for people from the ghetto.
Hey you know those ghets that keep pickin on all the kids? Ya there mean as fuck
by triple22a October 31, 2010
Noun. Name you say to someone when you want to say you love them more than anything, and would do anything in the world for them, ghet is just for saying that in short. If they don't know what it means, do not tell them.
James: Ahaha you ghet.

Amie: What does that mean??

James: don't worry :)
by whywontthiswork October 10, 2010