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A person who has a unatural obcession for having sex either:

With boyband music/video playing in the background
infront of a live boyband/ or at a concert

People who have a boyband fetish usually are gays who are in the closet, they are overly prone to rage and anger towards their friends usually kneeing viciously in the balls.Most come from the Houten regis area.
Liam:I can't wait to see Take-That live.
Unnamed:Yeah aren't you taking your boy-friend?
Liam:Just because she looks like a man doesn't mean she is!
Unnamed:Whatever,along as she fufills your boy-band fetish!
Liam:What did you say?
Liam:You c*nt! (Knees viciously)
Unnamed:Yeah, I wear a cup now ..

. . . but damn it still hurts!

by Eisel Dier April 01, 2007

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A person who strongly believes in god,reads the bible often and prays everyday.Yet loves casual Hardcore sex.
Bob:You see that vicar, she is a massive Biblexual.
Bob:How'd u think I got all this wine and bread from!
by Eisel Dier March 23, 2007

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Somebody who has a boyband addiction is basicaly someone with a boyband fetish who can't get a man,woman or tranny, so they can't perform intercourse to the croonings of West-life.Instead they wank over boybands music videos and pictures, listening to boyband music and reading boyband interviews get them sexually aroused.

Signs of Boyband addiction include:
- A Vast collection of Westlife,boyzone and take that Cds.
- A subscription to smash hits magazine.
- Wearing a tank tops in front of other men.
- Dog tags.
- A subscription the The Box
- Serveral sticky copies of westlife's greatest hits and smash hits magazine under their bed.(c'mon blantantly obivious)
- And reading/watching anything that includes Louis walsh.

Aimie:So me and Liam ended up in bed, last night.
Cousin:Did you show your cock?
Aimie:I'll ignore that,no he couldn't get a boner.
Cousin:I'm not suprised at your prices!
Aimie:Shut up,what wrong with him?
Cousin:Well he has a boyband addiction, so trying singing some westlife or dressing up as Louis Walsh
by Eisel Dier April 01, 2007

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A british magazine aimed at 10 year old girls and men with Boyband fetishs/addictions. Features 'hot pictures and gossip' about all the boybands. sometimes contains free gifts (gay porn/condoms with westlife on it/laminated poster.

Liam:I have to renew my subscription to smash hits!
Graham:Quick to the newsagents!
David:Today there's a pull out picture of Shane Warne
by Eisel Dier April 01, 2007

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The word said when affirming that you know what the other guy is thinking when he's not talking (or possible drooling.) Often followed with agreed'd
Graham:You know what'd be sweet?
Graham:WhaT?.. Oh!
by Eisel Dier March 23, 2007

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A guy who wanks over David Hasselhoff (The HOFF), but has a girlfriend simular to Pamela Anderson.

Or in other terms a spoil'd prick.
U'd never guess but Martin's a Pipexual, the Jammy Git!!!
by Eisel Dier March 23, 2007

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(Usually followed up with a slap to the face on the Wham!)

A politicly correct way of mimicing the Cilit Bang adverts, without offending any Suicide Bombers trevelling on the tube with you.


A phase used when happy slapping George Michael.

Hi I'm Barry Scott,Wham! and the dirt is gone!

Eisel:Oi, isn't that George Michael comotosed over there?
Eisel:Get ur phone ready
Hey george, Wham! and the dirt is gone!
by Eisel Dier March 23, 2007

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