11 definition by Eisel Dier

Special way of saying agreed, with examphasis on the D.

(Pronounced: A-GRE-EEE-ED-DAA)
George:Matt r u gay?
George:U fuckin Twat-Ter!
by Eisel Dier March 23, 2007

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Shortened version of Man Baps, interchangable with Moobs
Yeah! Lick my Maps!

I'm getting my Maps out!

Who wants some Maps!

I love Maps!
by Eisel Dier April 08, 2007

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A bibexual is ....

....A Man who is madly in love with David Baeckhamand even would shag him if he could, yet has a girl friend as skinny as Posh.

Aka: A die-hard man utd fan.

Fred:Becks iz my hero
John:U're soooo Bibexual.
Fred Wtf?
by Eisel Dier March 23, 2007

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A word used quicky to trick someone into doing something they don't want to,counter'd by a swift door to the face or ball to the groin.
George: I ca(interrupted)
Graham:Agreed, ur comin out!
(Door Slams)

Graham:Want to knock for matt?
George: Matt No wa(interrupted)
Graham:Agreed, let's go!
George:Can you pass me the football.
Graham:(High-pitched yelp!!)Eeiii!
by Eisel Dier March 23, 2007

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