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A selected person, a chosen one.
"They got a Keanu Reeves!"
"Oh Shit, we can't beat a Keanu Reeves!"
by Duder March 31, 2005

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Spanish for "drawers" (as in, the kind in a dresser or desk). This word is often confused by non-Spanish speakers with cojones (note the different vowel sound), which is Spanish slang for balls, but they are in fact two very different words.
Venta de escritorio con dos cajones (Desk for sale, with two drawers).
by duder November 16, 2004

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Juming Sound. Ending phrases with -pyon was popular in Japan in the 80's. Especially Uso-pyon! It means "Just Kidding!" Sometimes it is added to the end of someone's name. Usually not said loudly.
Thats really cool. pyon!

C'mon lets go! pyon!
by Duder December 04, 2003

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refers to the sound that a males penis makes when he hits it against a females face
She was talkin dirty so I blapped her
by duder October 04, 2003

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Used for Expressing one's dislike for the current situation

Accepted into the Engish Oxford Dictionary and thus is a real word
by Duder October 01, 2003

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Spielberg, v.(tr.): To ruin a movie, especially a good one, with a sappy or overly explicative ending.
Cameron Crowe totally spielberged "Vanilla Sky."
by Duder January 22, 2004

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A red-head whose visual putrescence is sickening.
That Kathy Griffin slut is an f'in ginger minger.
by Duder December 13, 2003

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