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Minor sexual molestation of a minor sibling
Josh used to practice duggery on his little sisters, but stopped before he turned 18.
by Shroedinger's Cat May 27, 2015
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When an atheist is anal fucked so traumatically by a Catholic Priest that they develop Christophobia and dedicate the rest of their life to trolling religious people on the web on sites like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as revenge.
Most internet atheists are atheists because of the duggery they suffered as children. They're taking all their anger out on religious people for what one Catholic Priest (who probably wasn't even a real Catholic) did to them.

Atheists love anal sex, since they passionately defend the "joys of anal and gay sex" on Reddit but the anal fucking they received from the priest tore their assholes apart and has left them butthurt ever since, explaining their constant anger.
by dsidf1 June 02, 2015
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