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Killed John Lennon.

Yes, let's all focus our hatred on Chapman and wish him to a (non-existant) hell. Like thats going to do anything really productive.

...Unless you want to prove the fact that you're just as much of a blood-thirsty extremist as he is.

He was insane, for fucks sake, give this "anti-christ" bullshit a rest and direct your attention to real murderers, ie. Bush, Insurance Companies, U.S. Armed Forces etc.
There is no such thing as good, no such thing as evil. If we insist to define ourselves by these terms, it can best be said that we are all both, and no one is fully either one. This is what Lennon meant.

Mark Chapman was a murderer, but he was human. Lennon too, was only human, and he is not the only person who ever died. We only mourn or care about what we "love" and understand, and not that which is different from ourselves. That's our fundamental problem as a species, and thats where American conservatism, in it's present, facist, militaristic state, takes its root.
by Drukqs2 December 12, 2009
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A good post-rock band that does instrumental for the majority of its music.

Their album "The Earth is not a cold dead place" was okay, and Im not trying to be a music snob by any means, but some of the tracks did get a bit repetitive...
Explosions in the Sky are great, they just need to diversify a bit more...
by Drukqs2 December 09, 2009
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The most overused definition on UD, when the person writing the first def thinks the subject being defined is "epic" (which is another dead and buried word in itself because nerds say it in every lame joke they make).

Basically, used for things such as weed, sex, and of course, fucking cheese.
I'm an atheist, so shove that mozza up your asshole. God's gift is a gun to your head.
by Drukqs2 December 05, 2009
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The majority who say that he was God or anything like that is a fucking idiot, which I guess makes most of the authors on this subject such people. Such people have probably gone off to their friends to talk about how much "ganja" they (don't actually) smoke everyday.

Great person and musician, but no more than a human being. I'd say RIP and all that shit, but we've got enough of this BS memorial crap by people who think they should've spoken at his funeral. Say what you want, he was a rich bastard. A very talented, spiritual, and memorable artist, but a rich bastard none the less.

No, don't cry over the atrocities perpetuated by your "government" every single day. Cry over a dead pop-star while the things he wanted to see changed in this world continue to be neglected.

Don't even joke about him being God if you're just exaggerating, you sound like a scene kid. Or maybe that's what you're going for? Half the people who wrote these defs probably weren't even alive when he was assassinated, and they probably think they're huge fans because they listened to Abbey Road and play "Beatles Wannabe-Retro Cash-In" - I mean, Rockband.

Mark Chapman may have been a psycho but he was right about one thing, and that's about people holding up celebrities to positions they don't deserve, and acting all sappy after the celebrity dies. If people did it for Michael Jackson when he died after all the garbage they slung at him, I don't believe one word of their so-called "respects".
I'm an atheist, by the way. Maybe that will further persuade you to give this a thumbs down. :)

John Lennon wasn't God.

See: Musician
by Drukqs2 December 12, 2009
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