Popular music video game. You can buy up to four game controllers for this game including a bass, a drum set, a guitar and a microphone. The game is funnest when you have four players and like that you have the actual rock band feel. The game is similar to Guitar hero but the difference is you can have a drummer, bassist, and a singer.
My friends like playing Rockband instead of forming their own real rock band.
by YourMomOnFour June 19, 2008
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To be rocking out on the game 'Rockband', a sort of musical rythm game with plastic guitars and colorful buttons.
What now, Mom? I can't go now, I'm Rockbanding the fuck out of Jessie here!
by Segadroid August 12, 2010
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sexual activity involving musical instruments
i wanna play rockband on a wii.
by bella_brute December 6, 2008
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dude, youre such a rockband fail. look at yourself, youre playing on easyyyy.
by ap16 January 9, 2011
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A market place in RockBand2 used for small bands or unknown people to submit their music for every one to buy/play for 80 microsoft points or 160 microsoft points.
Guy1: Hey man did you hear about the RockBand Network ?
Guy2: Yes I herd they have Band Camaro.
Guy1: Yes and for 80 points!
Guy2: Thats the shit!
by XxIronManxX1 March 14, 2010
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someone who is really good at guitar hero/rockband and can kick your ass and make you feel like shit!
katie is definately the "hero of guitar hero/rockband" on medium almost hard and soon expert 8- jkjk

im the "hero of guitar hero/rockband" on expert! (this is someone who is also a show off, otherwise known as a queer because they think they're better than you)

look at him go! he is definately the "hero of guiar hero/rockband"!

person 1: wanna make a bet
person 2: Sure, what is it?
person 1: I bet that ill win this game of rockband/guitar hero because im the "hero of guitar hero/rockband" and if i do i get to fuck your girlfriend tonight
person 2: FUCK YOU MAN! your on!
by Slickkk January 13, 2009
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