10 definition by DrkRatchet105

Originally thought by many to be a synonym to fantastic in terms of cable & internet providers.

(Note that the information above is as far from true as a furby is from becoming a threat to national security)

The correct definition follows:

All that is utter shit in reliability and quality. Mainly focusing on but not limited to: a certain cable company who happens to repair its internet servers every 20 minutes, causing users to become mentally insane within hours; who also rarely broadcasts decent movies on its 900+ channels (only 100 or so of which are accessible without paying $200/mo); and who claims to run its service using a mercury-like substance which, when touched, causes erratically, unrealistically fast movement. Also see comcast, comcastrophe, bombcast.

shitty, not pwnage, crap, unreliable, sucky, pointless existence

reliable, good service, pwnage
-Comcast blows, my damn internet is down again *punches modem*
-Aw shit, I stepped in high speed! *smashes through wall, then runs into a rusty steel fence in back yard*
-Fuck, now I'm gonna sue them cause they made me run into a fence that impaled me through the spine AND made me get rust poisoning! It's comcastic!
by DrkRatchet105 April 12, 2008

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To be randomly prevented from continuing your daily routine by people who do not care about their customers.

(When playing CoD4) To randomly start moving erratically as if you drank a cup of comcast's comcastic high speed, and see the infamous "connection interrupted" pop up.
OOOOhhh NOOOOeeess!11!!11oneonetwo!!1 I just got comcasted!
by DrkRatchet105 April 12, 2008

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(When you have large load to drop in the toilet) what the "large load" splits into, usually the size of pea gravel or marbles.
d00d i counted 50 butt pebbles in there....
by drkratchet105 June 17, 2008

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To use shitty internet service, cable service, and insanely high prices to utterly fuck customers up the ass.

*gets diconnected from CoD4* Shit, I just got comfucked!
by DrkRatchet105 April 12, 2008

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1) When a n00b thinks he pwned someone, but the kill took much too long, or was much too n00bish to be an actual pwn.

2) When 2 people are going for the same kill without knowing, and you think it was your kill until you see "(insert actual killer's name here) fragged (insert victim's name here)" or something of the like.
n00b: *after killing someone with MK-48* "Pwned!!1!11one"
not n00b: fauxpwn, n00b you emptied 100 mk rounds in the guy before he died...

guy 1: *lines up for headshot and fires*
guy 2: *fires 2 milisec. before guy 1*
guy 1: "Pw...aww dammit, fauxpwned."
by DrkRatchet105 March 29, 2008

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personal fitness 1.

Describes a class that is required for highschoolers which notorious for forcing students to partake in things they do not wish to do, occasionally even more so than other classes. The most maddening of the units, however is the pool unit, as you always go to your next hour smelling like clorine and locker room.
kid 1: Damn it, i got PF1 next hour....
kid 2: Sucks to be you, I'm skipping.
kid 1: If you skip more than 1 day of teh pool unit you fail and you have to retake it...
kid 2: Phuck....
by DrkRatchet105 April 03, 2008

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