personal fitness 1.

Describes a class that is required for highschoolers which notorious for forcing students to partake in things they do not wish to do, occasionally even more so than other classes. The most maddening of the units, however is the pool unit, as you always go to your next hour smelling like clorine and locker room.
kid 1: Damn it, i got PF1 next hour....
kid 2: Sucks to be you, I'm skipping.
kid 1: If you skip more than 1 day of teh pool unit you fail and you have to retake it...
kid 2: Phuck....
by DrkRatchet105 April 3, 2008
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Pronounced: pee-eff-wun. A payphone in Limerick. A real Limerick head will pronounce PF1 and payphone exactly the same. The trick is to go into a pub in Limerick and say "do you have a PF1". If they direct you to the payphone, you have just been accepted as a 100% Limerick person.
This PF1 is not wurkin'!
by Maidhcil Mac Fheorais September 16, 2007
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