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the new age for a person who doesnt want to lose being a teenager once they hit the age of twenty!
tomorrow is my twenteenth birthday
by Andy Ogun September 13, 2005
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Essentially a replacement word for Twenty, however, this is more of a characteristic of defining the new "kidult" age. Which is the age from 18 - 25, where people are staying at home longer, in order to obtain an education without moving out. Also used for people who continue to be a teenager well after their age has exceded the teenage years. This covers the ages from 20, through to 29 (twenteen-nine), as the age of 30 becomes thirteen, which is going backwards.
I am currently twenteen (20) years of age. Actually, I am currently twenteen-two years of age. But that is so not the point.
by Justin Krueger June 17, 2005
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The age between nineteen and twenty-one. Twenteen is used when the birthday boy/ birthday girl is not excited about no longer being a teenager and feel like if they mask the age behind a false definition, the pain of getting old will lessen.
Much Younger Best Friend: "Hey Jordan, how old are you turning today?"
The Birthday Boy: "I'm only twenteen! Just a youngin'! I'm not ready to be old yet."
by Gordon Tusker-Deepfreeze July 12, 2008
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The age defined by a person who can't move on from their teen years. Mostly used by people who are in denial that they are actually twenty.
Syahmi turned twenteen three on 12th October 2014.
by AKZMN October 12, 2014
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This current decade which spans from 2010 (twenty-ten) to 2019 (twenty-nineteen).

Twen (from twenty) plus teen.

It includes: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and finishing with 2019.
The movie Avatar is set to become one of the highest grossing titles of the twenteens.
by boc choi July 18, 2011
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The time just before entering a teenage phase(before 13) like the time when you are specifically 12 years old.
She is still twenteen.. it's just a year long before she enters her teenage.
by pinekay2192 July 27, 2018
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A colloquial term for the second decade to the twenty first century.
If you remember the twenteens you probably weren't there
by TommyBGood December 30, 2015
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