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1. Where dumbshits think norwegians are from.

2. Norwegian without the n.
Dood: Those godamned norwegians need to go back to fucking Norwegia!
Norwegian: Norway
Dood: What was that?
*The norwegian beats the shit out of the random ass guy*
by Dr. Crowley May 22, 2009
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1. NOT about a person that you know but no one else cares about, even if you think they do.
2. NOT about you.
3. NOT about violent sexual positions.
4. NOT similar to any other definition
5. NOT offensive to us editors :p
Do all this and your suggestion will msot likely get published!
1. Emma
OMG i love emma SO MUCH! she is so hawt, good in bed and wild... i have no life did i mention that?
2. Tony
i have such a huge cock! its like 3 inches!
3.Pink Sock
when ya fucking a girl up the ass, and you punch her in the gut so hard her intestines pop out
4. Emo
We don't cut ourselves!
5. Editors
fuck em
6. rqt
see: rot
Besides no. 6 :3
by Dr. Crowley March 28, 2009
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A definition that seems more like a reply to some thread on a internet forum, then a actual definition.
You really should not make fun of fat people. Some people can't help it.

Man: Hey look at that fatty
Girl: Don't make fun of her just cuz shes fat!
^ Basic Urban Dictionary Post ^
by Dr. Crowley April 15, 2009
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A game player that is said to have watched over games since the begging. No body knows if he/she is a real person, a group of people, or a computor. But everyone who knows of him knows of the group he/she leads. No one knows who all of them are but they almost worship him. It is speculated that he is a new breed of human. But this has yet to be proven. But everyone knows one thing, if noroka hasn't played it. It ain't worth playin'. He has been asked if he is japonese which is where he go the name. But he is Norwegian. And doesn't speak aany japonese whatsoever.
noroka: oh hey
Me: Wow.... I've heard so much....
noroka: heh yet another? well what would you like to know?
Me: I need help on <insert game here>.
*1 hour later.....*
Me: WOW! You know a hella lot man!
noroka: yea yea..... now if you'll excuse me, i must go
Me: So nice meating you.
by Dr. Crowley April 26, 2009
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The best reaction to any situation. Ever.
Dude: Hey man..... I think I broke your car door.....
Me: Fucking DICK!

Dude: Hey man, what's up?
Me: Oh huh what?
Dude: Don't you remeber me?
Me:..... Fucking dick?

Dude: I hate life
Me: Fucking dick!

Ice Cream Man: That'll be 3 dollars
Me: Fucking DICK!

You After Reading This Shitty Definition: Fucking DICK!
by Dr. Crowley November 09, 2009
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A form of mania that is very common in places in Europe. Symtoms include: Making definitions about "Americunts" Hating on people because they are proud to be American, Making up random stereotypes about Americans and always thinking about how much America is better then your shitty country. The only cure is to go to America.
British Person: Bloody 'ell is that a americunt I see there?
American: Huh?
British Person: What the fuck is the matter with you?
American: What?
British Person: Why did you vote for Bush?
American: I voted for Kerry, sir
British Person: Then why is America in Iraq?
American: I don't know I'm not Bush
British Person: You ignorant asshole!
American: Your the one being ignorant, how about you come with me back to America?
*British Person goes to America and has 15 orgasams while The American Anthem plays in the backround*
Me: Hail Satan! Another case of Americamania is cured!
by Dr. Crowley August 31, 2009
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Another one of the 2 words smashed together. This is a term used for any person/persons that believes they are a minority (No not the gay song dumbasses) even though they can choose not to be one, or, they don't really get bashed on or treated differently.
Fakenoritys include (but are not limited to): Fat people, Gay people, Emos, Punks, Women and people who are of any religion besides christianity

TRUE Minoritys: White people, (Yes it's true) Midgets, people with cancer, Smart people, and poeple who will not be offended by anyhing I have put on UD
by Dr. Crowley June 25, 2009
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