What a broke ass 1999 Honda Civic leaks from its exhaust.
That girl Crystal claims she has carbon monoxide poisoning from the leak in her exhaust pipe that she can't afford to fix.
by hotchick880 December 1, 2010
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A molecule consisting of one carbon and one oxygen atom. Commonly produced when a flame does not have enough oxygen to combust completely.
I could really smell the carbon monoxide coming off that smothered candle
by the sneaky pigeon March 17, 2017
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What somebody is going to breathe instead of oxygen if you stick their head next to an exhaust pipe intentionally.
If a guy has a knee on his neck while his head is right near an exhaust pipe of a car, he has nothing to take in but car exhaust. Just like somebody sitting in a garage with the grage door closed and a car running. Death is from both lack of oxygen and carbon monoxide.
by Solid Mantis April 15, 2021
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