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(v) To ejaculate; to cum.
Yeah, I just completed when I saw that, no joke.
by Dongo February 07, 2006

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Any man with crack-cocaine.
Dude, you are our ghetto jesus, you have filled our block with crack!
by Dongo April 22, 2005

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To rest one's flaccid penis inside their partner's vagina. Usually done while post-coitus sleeping, but can be done without sexual intercourse. Spooning position works best, usually requires an erect penis for initial penetration.
I holstered inside my girl for 9 hours yesterday, my dick was pruned when I pulled it out!
by Dongo July 18, 2017

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The act of becoming enlightened through depraved means.
I'm so close to enblightenment - I skullfucked a corpse covered in shit, fingering my asshole with cheetos fingers, all while watching 2 girls 1 cup. Just another day on my spiritual path to God.
by Dongo July 18, 2017

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For (baked good) use items that get stale, like bread or bagels.

A stale baked good. The hardness from being stale substitutes for actually toasting it.
I went to the convention, but all they had to eat was Poor Man's Toasted (baked good)'s because it was poorly funded.
by Dongo December 03, 2005

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Subhuman in nature, derivative of wetface.
That idea is completely whet - the earth is not flat.
by Dongo July 18, 2017

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A contraction of smegma and pizza meaning a pizza made of smegma cheese instead of mozzarella.
The other night I was yearning for some pizza, but didn't have any mozzarella cheese so I just brushed some of my smegma on it instead. Voila, SMEGZA!
by Dongo January 14, 2006

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