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Usually used when you do something hot against another term. It can be used in sports when you do an excellent move against someone.
You dunk on someone in a basketball game. Yell at the guy "Holdat!".
by Domexicano March 16, 2005
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A term used to define anything that was aquired in such a way that the person didn't pay for it. It could have been g'd from someone or if it was free99. There are people that take other peoples stuff and sell them as a brooklyn deal.
Yo son I need some hot parts for my honda accord.
by Domexicano April 06, 2005
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Dominican slang which is used as a greeting. Can also be used as 'what?'.

1. Hey
2. What's up?
3. What's good.
4. What?
Spanish Guy:Yo Julio!
Julio: Dimelo.
by Domexicano March 15, 2005
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Dominican slang that means garbage ass mofucker. Usually denotes people who lack the skill necessary for a particular task.
Ese tipo Voltio es un muerto rapiando.
by Domexicano March 17, 2005
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A spanish word that describe a garbage ass nigga. Usually used in Carribean Islands such as Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.
Tipo 1: Loco, tu viste a ese tipo?
(Guy 1: Yo, you saw that guy?)
Tipo 2: Ese tipo e un muerto.
(Guy 2: That guy is a muerto.)
by Domexicano March 15, 2005
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Someone who tries to steal your business by offering the same service/product for less money.
Javi Rox: Yo, I got these cheeseburgers! I sell them to you for a dollar!
Jay Nyce: I got those same cheesburgers for 50 cent!
Javi Rox: I hate that motherfuckin undercutter.
by Domexicano March 17, 2005
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Big balla that can somehow aquire a 500 hp Corvette and a beater Mercedes S500 all while making 12 cash an hour. Sometimes works 'overtime' to keep feds off his back.
Look at that shotta working the gangsta OT. I guess he's getting the feds off his back.
by Domexicano March 28, 2005
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