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A father, no longer living with his wife/girlfriend and child(ren), who refuses to pay child support.
A deadbeat dad who can't keep a shirt on his kid's back should be shot in the head.
by Dodger Of Zion July 11, 2003
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Mediocre, vanilla, or "regular." Nothing different.
I think it's fucking stock, alright? It's stock to my ears! - Lars Ulrich
by Dodger of Zion March 25, 2005
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On a message board, when someone (more than likely a n00b), posts something that has already been buried in the population's long term memory.
n00b: "Oh look, Landover Baptist! This has gotta be the freakiest site on the net!" Admin: "OLD." *thread locked*
by Dodger of Zion March 28, 2004
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Born 28 March 1972, he is an actor best known in the UK for the Channel 4 show Spaced, and in the US for the film Shaun of the Dead.
"Men have an unspoken telepathy, a biological connection between male psyches. Whether they know each other or not, put a group of them together, always the same." - Nick Frost as Mike Watts in Spaced.
by Dodger of Zion March 30, 2005
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Often uttered on Fark.com, Slashdot, and other comment-enabled news sites whenever a celebrity, more often than not a comedian, passes on.
"SAD: Chris Farley is Dead."
"Good night funnyman."
by Dodger of Zion April 04, 2006
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To commit a fail of such a gargantuan degree, a scope that can not be defined using human terms. First made popular by such failure from Ocean Marketing, as published by Penny Arcade.
Son Im 38 I wwebsite as on the internet when you were a sperm in your daddys balls and before it was the internet, thanks for the welcome to message wurd up.
by Dodger Of Zion December 27, 2011
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Within the Channel Awesome/TGWTG community, a hipster box is an Apple computer of any build, be it a desktop or portable computer. So named for the purported number of hipsters that own said Apples.
Friend A: Did you ever update your Skype?
Friend B: I can't dude, I have a hipster box.
by Dodger Of Zion April 13, 2011
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