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To sink your own ship due to incompetence and arrogance. It is derived from the historical event in which Ocean Marketing chose to challenge Penny Arcade during a string of rude costumer service emails involving a gaming product. This moment of stupidity and arrogance began a chain of events that led to Ocean Marketing's downfall. It has officially replaced the word "titanic" for such events.
As Bob drunkenly bad mouthed his boss at the company holiday party, he had no idea his boss is standing behind him the entire time. Effectively Ocean Marketing his career there.


Man #1 - I was flirting with this girl outside my car window while driving when I smashed into a cop car. There goes my car AND my license!

Man #2 - HA! Good use of Ocean Marketing.
by Beauski December 27, 2011
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1.) The direct opposite of good marketing
2.) Bad marketing
3.) Crying like a little bitch even though you are a 38 years old type marketing
4.) Borderline Personality Disorder
1.) Holy shit! They use clipart on their website? That's some ocean marketing.
2.) Really ... Welcome to the Internet ? Son Im 38 I wwebsite as on the internet when you were. (R) Ocean Marketing
3.) We are called ocean marketing because we are next to ocean. hurr
by streetdreams December 27, 2011
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A marketing method/faux pas wherein the marketing team makes it a policy to treat their customers like shit, until one day a berated customer lets powerful people in the industry know of these practices, or a singular incident goes viral, and the bad PR effectively ruins that marketing person/team/company's chance of ever working in that industry again.
I just asked the marketing company when my order might arrive and he called me a bunch of names and told me to shut up.

I'm not surprised, they've been using ocean marketing for years, it will someday bite them in the ass.
by dogfish83 December 29, 2011
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Opposite of Good Marketing.
Based off a bad PR case from the makers of Avenger Controller, Ocean Marketing.
"Did you see their new ad campaign? Man, was that ocean marketing!"
by tombuben December 27, 2011
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