Da crib university, a common joke said when someone isn’t going to college/ work after high school. Saying that person is basically just staying home in da crib
Ryan: yo where you plan on going to college?

Jake: I’ve been thi-

Mrs.brown: with his grades he’s going to DCU!

*class wonders how the mrs.brown knows what DCU you means but then remembers she goes on urban dictionary*
by Gucci tiger September 9, 2021
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Dublin City University
(AKA Albert College)

DCU, Ireland's youngest university is ranked as the second best university in Ireland by the Sunday Times after Trinity College Dublin, Ireland's oldest university.
The university was also named "Irish University of the Year 2004-2005".

There are currently five faculties in DCU:

DCU Business School (DCUBS)
Faculty of Engineering & Computing
Faculty of Science & Health
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
Joint Faculty of Education Studies

Earning €33m a year in research revenue, Dublin City University is at the cutting edge of Ireland's economic revival.

Dublin City University's 309 academics attract on average €106,762 each in research funding.This is by far the highest ratio in the country and more than twice as much as University College Dublin, which is three times larger.

Currently four other colleges have their degrees accredited by DCU, these are:

All Hallows College
Mater Dei Institute of Education
St Patrick's College of Education
Royal Irish Academy of Music
(Some of these are also owned by DCU)
Unlike UCD(Estd. 1854), the token Catholic University of Ireland, DCU is altogether more secular and modern in its outlook.

Albert College was around in 1838 before St Patrick's House even existed and when Belfield was simply referred to as "field".

If you are going to UCD, just remember, Trinity and DCU are going to be serviced by the planned metro from St. Stephens Green to Dublin Airport. Feeling left out?
by Derek Lockheed December 19, 2004
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Famously dull and boring university in Dublin, jam packed full of dull and boring students.

In DCU its still cool to put a street cone on your head when youve had a few drinks.

The students are scared of the locals for no reason other than sheer culchie ignorance, and wont even drink in the local pub, The Slipper, for fear that some knacker will start a fight with them, which is unlikely considering the clientel isnt bad in The Slipper.

DCU from above looks like a town from a Phantasy Star game segamegadrive
"Oh youre in college- what do you do?"
"Maths in DCU"
"No way! I live right beside DCU- you ever drink in The Slipper?"
"No I value my life"
"Dont be so fucking stupid, Slippers a grand ol' spot, better than that kip of a bar in DCU"
"eh I gotta go now, I dont mix well with non students"
"Ok then be like that student bitch get a fucking job"
"CHaaa what-everrr"
"and stop actin like an american you stuck up tramp"
by womoma April 16, 2005
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dyslexic for ucd. not a very good college let alone university
north side hole. a bit of a kip. used to have eamon dunphy. sums it up really
by Dman December 21, 2004
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