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University College Dublin,
The largest university in Ireland.
With 60 percent of people pretending to be someone who they are not.
The other 40 percent are the nicest people you can meet
by Molloyzer August 15, 2005
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She dumped Bob for Nick because she heard that he had the ucd.
by cqg October 13, 2006
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The best damn college in Dublin.
UCD could kick Trinity's ass.
by Daniel O.B. September 14, 2005
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UCD is an underrated university who currently holds the rank of the 42nd best University in the United States according to US News. It is ranked number 4 within the University of California system behind UCB, UCLA and UCSD. UCD currently is also ranked as the 3rd best veterinary school in the nation according to US News.
Damn, I hope I get into UCD's vet school!
by tobasco sauce January 30, 2008
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UCD is the proof that a perfectly good college can be completely ruined by the introduction of semesterisation.
Coming to UCD? No thanks, I want an education!
by VengeancePuppy April 28, 2007
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acronym: University of California, Davis (also known as the University of Cow Dung); located in Northern California, UCD is a safety school for those who did not get into UC Berkeley, UCLA, or Stanford
"Dude, why in the hell do you go to UCD? You know that UCD stands for the University of Cow Dung?"

"Because my sorry ass got rejected by Cal and UCLA!"
by Anonymous March 27, 2005
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