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1.) Technical elitism, racism, or masochism regarding ones skill or perceived technical abilities.
a. A technical spasm, caused by technology overloads
b. A technical orgasm, usually caused when first obtaining the latest in high tech gear
3.) A way to refer to the idiotic behavior of technicians of any form.
4.) A form of technical religion
1.) That person has a serious case of techism, who do they think they are?
Techism should be out lawed and banished.

a. Ew that person with all the gadets drooling, is obviously in the midst of a techism.
b. Dude I just got the new .... T T T T, I think I just had a techism in my pants.

3.) That's just one of the annoying techisms of the IT people.

4.) That's the IT department in there, where they practice techism.
by Dirty Southerner April 28, 2008
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